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Three Faces
Three Faces

The options available to artists wishing to get their work online is now truly staggering. For anyone just starting out I imagine it is mind boggling and hard to know where to start. I thought I'd share some links/web addresses that I like and have found useful. The good news is you don't need to spend lots of money to get started.


If all you want is a webpage where you can send people to look at your work, an easy option is art based 'social' websites. On these artists get together and share their work. The websites are free to join, you get your own page to upload your images and there is opportunity to chat, give and receive feedback and make connections with other artists from all around the world. I particularly like 'The Complete Artist', started by New Zealand artist Richard Robinson.


Paintings I Love is another social network that is both free and easy to use.


If you are wanting to display your work online in the hope of making sales Novo Gallery is a good option available to Australian artists. You get your own page, it costs nothing to join and there are no ongoing fees or commissions to pay. is also free to join. It isn't hard to use and built into the system is the ability to turn your artwork images into prints or cards, all done on a demand. This is what I like the most, but there is also an affiliate program which offers the possibility of earning a couple of extra dollars adding advertisements like the one below to your website, email, blog or facebook page. This is an affiliate link. If you follows the link and sign up with FineArtAmerica within the next thirty days I would receive a small remuneration.



The above options give you a webpage but they don't give you a domain name of your own. To buy a domain name, build a website and get it hosted will cost you money. There are many different platforms available and obviously I haven't tried them all, so I can't say with any authority which one is best. I can say however I am very happy with Fine Art Studios Online (FASO), who host my website.


My website, costs me about $29- AU per month, (the exchange rate between the USA and Australia varies occasionally). The website has email, is set up for ecommerce and gives me the ability to blog, send out newsletters, display and sell my work. If there are difficulties there's a very helpful support team 24/7, only an email away.


They also have a refer a friend program. If you would like to try out a FASO website you can do so by following this link


Sign up and you will receive your first three months of FineArtStudioOnline service for free. You will also be doing me a favor, because if you then stay on as a paying customer I will receive a credit for 2 months of free service.


The World Wide Web is so huge it is daunting, especially if you are not technology savvy. Getting started is often the hardest thing, but by having curiosity, asking questions, and trying different things out it is really not that hard to get yourself and your art on line.


All the best.



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