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Border Sentinal
Border Sentinal

Previously I talked about a different approach I was trialling for an exhibition. Here are my thoughts on the exhibition and what I learned in the process.


The idea was one I just had to try.


The opening went well, although the number of people attending was less than I had hoped for. The venue I chose, ideal in so many ways, is an hour out of the city. I believe that proved to be too far for some people. Lesson number one.


The short time frame was right and I enjoyed the week as artist in residence while the exhibition was hanging. It generated a lot of interest and some sales.


Half the paintings sold, all of them for prices well above the reserve price. A big thankyou to everyone who came to the exhibition and especially those who participated in the bidding.


I am happy with the results and experience gained in staging this exhibition, but I think this approach maybe a strategy best suited for artists at the start of their career, a way to begin building a data base and gather contact details of people interested in their art, not such a good idea for mid career or established artists.


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