Testimonials and feedback from collectors and gallery directors .


"Australians will one day be as proud of Richard as Canadians are of The Group of Seven. If you are lucky enough to own one of his paintings, you have the insight to recognize significant art and an accomplished artist when you see it. Great work Richard, and thanks ! Rob Daniells, proud owner of Water in The Wilderness. "


Rob Daniells

British Colombia, Canada


'The painting arrived today safe and sound, hand-delivered by our mail carrier.... It is stunning and beautiful! There is so much variation and activity going on in that small space; I will learn a lot just from studying this work....Joanne and I both love it. '



Joe Lambert & Joanne Blum, Dublin, Ohio, USA

I like Richard's refreshing and original approach to painting the Australian Landscape. Flashes of abstraction compliment his colourful and generally realistic landscapes. An excellent investment in art to enjoy now and which will undoubtedly increase in value.


Peter Nicholson. Director of Art Room Trading & Watermark Publishing.

Adelaide S.A. www.artroom.com.au


I own two of Richard Rogers' paintings. They provide me with a huge source of pleasure, and as time goes by it certainly doesn't diminish. I continue to find new depths and renewed inspiration in these pictures.... the fact that they are painted in areas of South Australia where I grew up is significant to me, but it is not by any means this alone which attracted me to them and which continues to attract me. These pictures have a vitality which is quite astonishing. The colours are at once vibrant and alive: the pictures are compelling - you must gaze at them. You continue to gaze at them and then you're there with the heat and the flies and the native grasses and shrubs and the aridity and the chromatics of the distant hills. Or in the case of the smaller painting ( the larger is a tryptych with a huge horizontal span), you see wild flowers, ephemerals which appear quickly as if by magic after rain. These paintings are wonderful representations of the Australian landscape. Like a good poem the meaning is compressed without distortion or sentimentality.In my pictures there are no habitations or humans, which suits me perfectly well. Here there is peace and space. To me a good landscape must have the power to transport as these do.


Thomas Edmonds Mt Barker S.A.


Richard's paintings encapsulate with much sensitivity, the vividness as well as the fragility of Australiaís arid landscapes. There is inspiring and bold use of colour allied to unique graphic skill. In tune with the landscapes and their history Richard Rogers paintings demonstrate insight and artistry which is compelling. Marvellous to have Richard's paintings in our house.


Roger & Tricia Rees Goolwa.


We had not intended to purchase...at the Heysen Art Prize in Hahndorf 2007, usually preferring softer, muted colour schemes and gentler landscapes. But this painting beckoned ñ it just wanted someone to step right through that picture-frame, walk along the rock crest and hang-glide off the edge to the ground below. We had to have it. It was the fastest purchase we had ever made. Broken Ground has already elicited many positive comments from visitors to Tiers View. The different lighting falling on the work creates different illusions when viewed from other than directly in front ñ and we continually see objects not spotted earlier and not always apparent on first viewing...What the artist conveys to the viewer, is a bold image of a drought-ridden and arid landscape. A countryside which has seen no rain for years and never will, a truly broken ground.


Nick & Mo JohnsonTiers View Bed & Breakfast, Woodside SA



When my wife and I visited Hadndorf in April this year (2009), it was completely by chance that we noticed an art exhibition by Richard Rogers in the Academy building. We were immediately impressed with the even quality and strength of the showing. Unfortunately most of the work had already been sold, which is in itself indicative of the high standard of the work. We came away with a desire to own one of his works. Two days later we arranged a visit to Richards studio in Strathalbyn and were staggered by the variety of artwork he showed us. We chose two pieces, which in itself was a difficult task, both of which reflect Richards generous yet skilful use of colour.The works show a maturity in the handling of the paint medium while his brush work and compositional elements produce highly evocative images of the country side of Australia. His work is a joyous reflection of his commitment as an Australian Artist.


Dr Howard & Elizabeth Bradfield. Perth WA


We just had to take this picture - a distinctive style we couldn't walk away from . Strong strokes of colour placed out of the blue, creating a startling picture while not confusing the subject.


Richard & Gloria Storr Whyalla S.A


Richard's work represents the Australian landscape as we see it - raw , ancient, unique. A land of contrast...His use of colour is a constant reminder of the richness of this land we so often walk on, but do not see.


Kate & Paul Kemmis. Strathalbyn South Australia


We were attracted to the painting's boldness and it's contrasts of colour, mood and style. From it's detailed and darkly enmeshed base it rises through a light seemingly abstract middle ground towards wherever we might imagine it to be.


Peter & Annette Rankine. Happy Valley SA.


It is not Australia as we saw it, but it's how we want to remember it: the colours and shapes, the brightness, the crisp sharp contrasts all evoke the memory.


S. Knowles & M. Woods. Palmerston North, New Zealand


We wanted a painting that created the essence of the Australia we have come to love.

Richard's use of bold colours, light and shade creates a native feel to his paintings which perfectly depicts the outback. Then he softens the starkness with beautiful gumtrees. We love his element of fun too. Who knows, if you look hard enough what you will find. Our painting now hangs in the front room of our home in Kings Somborne, a constant reminder of the wonderful times we spend in Australia.


Frank & Jackie Chapman. Hampshire, England


Each painting reminds me of a place Iíve been. I like the long clean brushstrokes. The sharp contrasts of light and dark shows the real brightness and shadow seen in the dry air and openness of Australian landscapes. If I had the money I'd buy them all.


N.M. South Australia


I have observerved the development of Richard's work over several years and determined to purchase a painting for my collection. This work speaks to me of a frosted inland landscape on a sharp winter morning.


Helen Stacey


Having been involved with galleries all my life I know a painting I like when I see it. I love the vibrancy and originality of Richardís work. His painting style is not a clone of anyone else. It is quite unique.

Sarah Dridan South Australia