DVD1 Painting With Acrylics - A Simple Approach

In this DVD, using only water as a medium, a simple approach to working with acrylics is demonstrated. This same approach can be used with any subject.


 The 60 minute DVD features two demonstratration paintings of scenes from the Australian outback and was given a five star rating when reviewed by painting.about.com

From the first brush strokes to the final detail each step is easily followed. As I paint I talk about what I am doing and why, all the while giving valuable tips on technique, composition and paints.


"5 star rating...If you like painting from reference photos but want to take it further than merely copying what's in the photo in a very realistic style, then I think you'll enjoy this DVD.....Explaining the "why" alongside demonstrating the "what" and "how" is a large part of what makes this DVD by artist Richard Rogers so informative, and inspiring...." Marion Boddy-Evans (painting.about.com)


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DVD1 - Painting With Acrylics_A Simple Approach
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