Catalogue - Art instruction DVDs

Your DVD is wonderful.  I have played it through 2-3 times and have learnt so much.  I just needed to move in a different direction – more abstract.

Can’t wait to get into it tomorrow....      Margaret.  Albany WA



'Your 2 sets of DVD's already received are most useful - thanks so much......... Congratulations - you have done an excellent presentation in each of them - very easy to understand and with your offer of using the photos on line and following your methods they do work well.'

L. Morley, New Zealand


'Thank you for your email letting me know you posted the latest DVDs I ordered. A group of us here have been getting together to watch your DVDs....We are finding them full of great tips and are especially helpful explaining lights and darks, tone and colour. The information on the different mediums has also got us all interested in experimenting. Overall we like your style of presentation on the DVD, the photography and your step by step method is great. ........There will be another art DVD night when my latest DVDs arrive. In the mean time I am having fun experimenting with texture mediums and doing glazes. '      Rosalyn . Kalbarri, W.A.

'Thanks so much for the prompt delivery of the dvd's I recently ordered. They are excellent and you are such a good tutor. I really like how you explain things and it is good that you use pleasant non-overpowering background music which is not the norm in most demos. Although I love music it is so distracting. I am going to order the full length Painting with Acrylics and also the Intro to mediums. I should have done the whole lot the first time. ....inspiring and helpful... '       P. Mortensen. New Zealand